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Parenting Info for Gays and Lesbians

The following list of links is for gays and lesbians wanting info on building their families. These resources should be helpful for those beginning their families through either adoption or biological parenting and for those who already have a family. We believe that every child should have a safe home with a loving parent or parents, and we would love to in our own small way help those with this dream in their hearts. Best wishes, Amanda and Jill

Gay and Lesbian Parenting Resources

Books on Lesbian and Gay Parenting: A list of books for those considering parenting, currently parenting, or children of gays and lesbians. How-to's, legal aspects, emotional decisions, and more are covered.
Gay & Lesbian Resources-Parenting: multitude of info...extensive adoption section, personal stories, legal & social writings, resources, and much more. Very comprehensive site!
Organizations for Gay & Lesbian Parents: Services for support, legal assistance, adoption assistance, foster parenting resources, GLPCI, Lavender Families Resource Network, and more...
Rainbow Query: Family related topics for gays and lesbians raising or planning a family. Adoption, custody issues, support resources, and other family related topics. Resources for custodial & non-custodial parents.
Lesbian Mothers Support Society: Adoption, Alternative Fertilization, Children's Resources, Legal Issues, Parenting Articles, Pregnancy info, and more....

Amanda and Jill

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